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Pullen Family | Louisville KY Family Photographer

Often new clients come to me to update family photos after a new sibling has been added to the crew. The Pullens wanted some updated photographs – but not the standard staged. While I sometimes start with a semi-directed pose, I often don’t start shooting until the real moments start happening naturally in that pose. Kelly told me that her kiddos were really sweet and playful – you can see them warming up to me in the progression below. I truly love this overcast sesh!

p.s. Paul Rudd and Reece Witherspoon? Yes?

Merwarth Family | Louisville KY Family Photographer

The waiting game. If I went through all of my emails, there must be at least 20 over the span of two years of trying to set a date for family photos with the Merwarth’s. Changing of seasons in life, changing of homes, other obligations… I must say though, good things come to those who wait. Typh found my work on display at Highlands Family Medicine, and she loved the playfulness and candidness. Knowing that, we set out in their favorite park to climb trees, walk through tall grass, pick wildflowers – to talk. I love the exchanged glances, the belly laughs, the kids hands wrapped up with mom and dad’s. In life and love and art, this family is 100% winning.

Lindsey Maternity | Louisville KY Family Photographer

Those third babies, you guys. I never thought about my own maternity photos until I was days away from having my third baby. This year I photographed two beautiful women who were absolutely stunning with that third baby glow (and also had previously never had maternity photos made!). There is something that feels final about your pregnancy journey when it’s likely the last babe to join the tribe. It begs to be captured. To document your body and emotion and… that glow… just feels like something you should do. If you find yourself in that boat, please, don’t hesitate.

I had been dyyyyyying to shoot in this location, and Lindsey was up for adventure (praise!). We hiked down to the stream and this magical mist just… began to rise. It felt mysterious and like it happened just for us – just for Lindsey and the wonder of carrying life inside her perfect little belly.

Pennell Family | Louisville KY Family Photographer

The Pennell family has been working with me for a few years now. It’s always such a treat to see their smiling faces. This year they wanted an urban environment for their photos – we shot right outside of my studio in Butchertown – and we had to work them in quickly. Two days after we made these images, Aaron underwent (successful) surgery to donate a kidney to someone in their church family.

cue the tears, y’all

THAT’S WHAT THIS IS ABOUT, YOU GUYS. Seriously. We spent some time chatting, let the heaviness of the atmosphere linger, then pushed it away and set out to capture their gentle and sweet fun-loving family. Because, the what if’s. Because, today could be the best day.

This is not a job to me. It’s an honor.

Mullaney Newborn | Louisville KY Family Photographer

Newborn photography without the pressure of perfect posing, perfect swaddles, perfect sleeping baby. Because, babies. Babies can be unpredictable and mamas usually already have enough going on (i.e.: stitches to the forehead on the middle child, the oldest child getting ready to go back to school, snack time is lingering, the front tree swing is calling…).

Enter, Newborn Story Sessions. The comfort of your own home, all the baby’s needs, all the little details of your new normal. Loved my morning with the Mullaney crew this summer.



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