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Greener Family | Louisville KY Family Photographer

Naturally stunning and super sweet – and those crystal clear blue eyes (ah, genetics!). I had a really enjoyable evening with the Greener fam visiting from Idaho. We chased babies and explored and picked up rocks all on the same land where Carrie ran the rolling hills as a child and where she stood and said her wedding vows years later. Enjoy. xo


Easter Limited Edition | Louisville KY Family Photographer

Happy Easter, lovelies! We were super lucky to have Natalie and Gretchen create a one of a kind set for our Easter Limited Edition sessions at LuluBelles in Norton Commons last week. Here is a little sneak into our sessions. I’m so in love with these adorable kiddos and the way their sessions have individual style and personality! Enjoy. xo


Marsh Family | Louisville KY Family Photographer

Just when you think, the kids weren’t listening, the kids were being silly, did anyone even smile at the camera???

Mamas and papas, believe me when I say, I’ve got this. Bring me your wild. Bring me your silly. Bring me all the snuggles and leaves and mittens. Obsessed with this family session with the Marsh crew! xo

Marsh_BBP-6190Louisville Kentucky Family PhotographerMarsh_BBP-6198Louisville Kentucky Family PhotographerMarsh_BBP-6227

Louisville Kentucky Family PhotographerMarsh_BBP-6230

Louisville Kentucky Family PhotographerMarsh_BBP-6244Louisville Kentucky Family PhotographerMarsh_BBP-6257Louisville Kentucky Family PhotographerMarsh_BBP-6276Louisville Kentucky Family PhotographerMarsh_BBP-6311Louisville Kentucky Family PhotographerMarsh_BBP-6312Louisville Kentucky Family PhotographerMarsh_BBP-6337Louisville Kentucky Family PhotographerMarsh_BBP-6347Louisville Kentucky Family PhotographerMarsh_BBP-6364Louisville Kentucky Family PhotographerMarsh_BBP-6401Louisville Kentucky Family PhotographerMarsh_BBP-6448Louisville Kentucky Family PhotographerMarsh_BBP-6465Louisville Kentucky Family PhotographerMarsh_BBP-6485Louisville Kentucky Family PhotographerMarsh_BBP-6503

Louisville Kentucky Family PhotographerMarsh_BBP-6508

Louisville Kentucky Family PhotographerMarsh_BBP-6526Louisville Kentucky Family PhotographerMarsh_BBP-6532Louisville Kentucky Family PhotographerMarsh_BBP-6536Louisville Kentucky Family PhotographerMarsh_BBP-6555Louisville Kentucky Family PhotographerMarsh_BBP-6568

Louisville Kentucky Family PhotographerMarsh_BBP-6596

Louisville Kentucky Family PhotographerMarsh_BBP-6598

Louisville Kentucky Family Photographer

F Family | Louisville KY Family Photographer

Oh, this family. I freaking love them from the bottom of my heart. Not only are they amazingly put together and flipping beautiful, but they are SO laid back, and SO warm, and SO easy to be around. We had a lengthy chat about wardrobe, mom’s makeup was tastefully and beautifully applied by a professional, and I threw in an accessory or two that completed the look. We shot at Blackacre which was CRAZY packed that day… but the way this family loves and interacts, you would think there wasn’t a soul for MILES that would distract their attention from each other. And a few photos of mom in the studio at the end! Enjoy xo


Durbin Family | Louisville KY Family Photographer

These are seriously some of my favorite sibling shots to date. There was a moment when I asked Abby to say something silly to Beau, and she stood on her tippy toes and whispered in his ear, “I love you!” Then I had to pick myself up off the floor and continue shooting. So. Stinking. Cute. Enjoy the Durbin crew with their Osage Oranges and all! xo



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