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Madeline is ONE | Louisville KY Family Photographer

The bigger the bow, the closer to God (one of my fave southern mama ideals) 🙂 Some more sweet baby love coming to you on the blog. Madeline turned one and she celebrated by rolling in some flowers and by trying to escape a perfectly planned cake smash. It was a delicious cake (I tried it), but this beautiful bambino wasn’t accustomed to sugary sweet confection and spent more time outrunning us and giving a side eye to the cake. Happy birthday, sweetest girl!


Madden 3 months | Louisville KY Family Photographer

Little Madden-man is three months old (which is just not possible since he was just born, like, yesterday). His sweet little coos and the eyes he kept making at mama were melting me into a serious puddle. His jeans and suspenders, I mean… can’t handle it. Amanda is smashingly gorgeous and those locks are looking way perfect. Thanks for warming up my studio with all this delicious love <3


Fowler Maternity | Louisville KY Family Photographer

Due dates come and go, and we still wait. First babies can be stubborn and patience is hard to come by! I can NOT wait to meet this baby and hear that sweet name for the first time. But look at the genetics here, this baby is sure to be gorgeous by anyone’s standards! Any day now, baby Fowler! Enjoy xo


Tennyson is TWO | Louisville KY Family Photographer

Every bit the busy two year old. I could not get enough of her perfect little profile and that sweet button nose, her sparkle shoes, and her inquisitive and curious expressions. Tennyson is one lucky little lady with two very adoring wonderful parents. I very much enjoyed our Spring morning in the studio and among the blooming Bradford Pears on Washington Street. Enjoy! xo


Ladies Day In | Louisville KY Family Photographer

To say I’m the luckiest is an understatement. Some of the most lovely grandmothers, mothers and daughters from all around trusted me to make their portraits. These ladies all rallied together to do something different, something fun, perhaps a little outside of their comfort zone. I wish I had a recording of all the giggles and chatter and compliments that were floating around that day. Full hair and makeup, jewelry from Lisa’s Merle Norman in Bardstown, lunch from Wiltshire Pantry, champagne and flowers… it was a girly girls day. The next event is coming up in a little over a week. Treat yourself! Enjoy. xo

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