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Maternity Studio Session | Louisville KY Family Photographer

Jordyn came in for quick creative maternity session this winter and I love what we captured. She’s insanely gorgeous and so natural in front of the camera.

The new flat black wall in the studio has made room for change and creativity! So much new! So much experimenting!

And I think everyone should try body suits and hats. 🙂

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California Bound | Louisville KY Family Photographer

Beth has loved on my babies for years at our wonderful school in Louisville. And for that, I am grateful. When the opportunity arises to reciprocate love and caring and to share my art with someone, I’m the first to raise my hand. While Beth established roots in Kentucky for a few years (and birthed two beautiful babies), there was always a pull to head back home. Her partner got the job transfer of his dreams and like that, they were westward bound.

Before heading to California, Beth wanted to document their time here with a quick family session. We chose the park close to what might have otherwise been their forever home. I used what superpowers I possessed to stretch the time between dinner and bedtime for that good and golden sunset light. It didn’t last long with babies melting down in one way or another, but there was laughter and smiles and books and snacks and they handled the session with ease.

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Maternity Session | Louisville, KY Family Photographer

When local fellow photographer Susan Jordan approached me about a maternity session, I was floored, y’all. It started with me dreaming up a session I wanted to do with a belly and overalls. She was game! Susan’s wedding and couples photography blows me straight out of the water. You can tell she puts her clients at ease so that they’re able to be natural and loving and silly. Take a peek at her work if you’re in the market <3

These two expecting parents are just straight silly themselves – I mean not a stitch of seriousness! Lots of laughter, dancing, skipping and loving on their fur-baby. Thank heavens for a breeze on this blistering summer session because I wasn’t letting them go home without shooting her belly in those adorable overalls!!

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Valentine’s Mini Sessions | Louisville KY Family Photographer

One of my favorite ways to crawl out of winter hibernation is Valentine’s Day Mini Sessions!

After the rush of the holiday season slows down, January is a lovely time of rest and quiet and planning. For me, it’s a month to reflect and recharge. I love wrapping up the month with Valentine’s Day Mini Sessions in the studio. I get to see some friends, feel creative, and throw around flowers and balloons (what could be better?!)!

Even though there is a “set” for these studio sessions, I still challenge myself to give each family something unique – different angles, use of light, prompts, posing… and I think this is why I successfully sell out my mini sessions. No cookie cutter look, and no expectations in terms of how kids will engage or behave.

And, bonus! I usually end up with five full vases of flowers around the house when all is said and done! It takes me about an hour to tape up the flowers and about five minutes to take them down. 🙂

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Khara Maxwell Photographer | Louisville KY Family Photographer

Khara booked a family session at the end of this season. We were dodging crummy weather, fighting the cold and coming up on the time change when the sun would disappear by 4:45pm.

Since Khara is also a photographer, she had a good eye for what she wanted but knew she could put her trust in me. I styled their wardrobe and picked a cool rustic location where we could play with the light and stay out of the recently melted snow/mud but still have some greenery.

I am completely smitten with this session and what we captured in a really short amount of time. Khara thank you so much for putting your faith in me! xoxo

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