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Even when I travel 600 miles to my home town near the Florida/Alabama line, I can still find a beautiful farm.

Ashleigh (the oldest daughter) walked up to me, and I was transported back to sixth grade. She looks exactly like her mama, whom I grew up with. Splitting image and every bit as beautiful. Taylor is cute as a button, and both girls are as sweet and well-mannered as they come. Kathy and Shaun are a dashing couple themselves, and it was so great to reunite after so many years!

Kathy wanted a farm-like setting, similar to so much of my work done in Kentucky. I sourced this lovely spot in Lillian, Alabama, complete with cattle, pecans, a garden and satsumas. So perfectly winter, and farm-y and Florida-y. 🙂

20131223_IMG_9815_Condon20131223_IMG_9824_Condon20131223_IMG_9829_Condon20131223_IMG_9960_Condon20131223_IMG_9839_CondonPreview of “Lightroom (20131223_IMG_9879_Condon.dng and 1 other)”20131223_IMG_9898_Condon20131223_IMG_9961_Condon20131223_IMG_9901_Condon20131223_IMG_9921_CondonPreview of “Lightroom (20131223_IMG_9943_Condon.dng and 1 other)”

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