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Cheers to overcast and cloudy weather! Tried as we might to shoot outside, the murky and drizzly day held for a little while, but eventually we wound up back inside the new Busse homestead.

I love love love the results of this lifestyle/home session with these sweet girls. Music, books, swings, laughter and snuggles came together for some wonderful, real life images of these girls – just as they are today. We captured things that will make mom and dad’s hearts sing when the kids are bigger. Twinkling eyes, their favorite stories, the first song learned on the violin.

Hope you like these photos that were made with joy 🙂

20140727_IMG_9692_Busse20140727_IMG_9985_Busse20140727_IMG_0072_BussePreview of “Lightroom (20140727_IMG_9482_Busse.CR2 and 1 other)”20140727_IMG_0007_Busse20140727_IMG_0024_Busse20140727_IMG_0034_Busse20140727_IMG_0040_Busse20140727_IMG_9594_Busse20140727_IMG_9736_Busse20140727_IMG_9953_Busse20140727_IMG_9758_Busse20140727_IMG_9724_Busse20140727_IMG_0018_Busse

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